Friday, October 27, 2006

Unbreakable Linux, By Oracle - Is This The Next Big Thing?

This is Unbreakable Linux:

I love the logo, it looks tough but cool ;) it reminds me of
Polis Angkasa Gaban :D

Announcing Oracle Unbreakable Linux
Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support
program that provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for
Linux. Recognizing the demand for true enterprise-quality Linux support and
seeing an opportunity to significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs, Oracle is
now offering Linux operating system support.

Oracle OpenWorld
Keynote: Larry Ellison unveils Oracle Unbreakable Linux
Oracle Unbreakable
Linux: FAQ, Data Sheet, Press Release, Consulting / Migration, and Customer and
Partner Endorsements
Now Until January 31, 2007: Free Trial for Oracle
Customers; 50% off Purchase for Everyone

For more details, refer to

Hot story!
Oracle to Compete Wth Red Hat for Linux Support

Oracle Linux Uncovered

Oracle's Red Hat Rip-Off

Now, the question is: What's Red Hat's reaction?


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