Friday, September 08, 2006

Red Hat Developer Day: A Post Mortem

My presentation:
  • need to improve my presentation skill, English/Manglish & interaction skill with audience (I didn't give any presentation since I left MMU - I knew it's not an excuse, hehe)
  • just realize it's better if i talk either high-availability or load-balancing, not both - just to make things simpler + focus
  • overall: i rate it as fair (wonder what others say)

  • met several Red Hat guys/gals; Ng Hak Beng (former mentor, will be my mentor again. how cliche!), Eugene Teo (#myoss chatter), Sivaram Shunmugam (HPC master) & Quah Hak Teng - enjoy chatting with them
  • met old friends; Che Zul, Lotso, Airocom/PERNEC staff, Arafat, etc
  • can't wait to see Xen, Stateless Linux in RHEL 5
  • can't wait to see JBoss becomes a big player

Eugene, Irwan & Hak Beng:



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