Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RHEL 5 Is Just Released!

Yeah, finally RHEL 5 is available.
Let the download begins :)

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Order Your OpenSolaris Starter Kit Now!

Sun is damn rocking!
Get yours here:

Get the OpenSolaris Starter Kit!

It's free! Inside you'll find tutorials, documentation, and two DVDs filled with useful software. Get started using OpenSolaris technology — right on your laptop or home PC.

This kit will help you learn about the OpenSolaris source code and the community. On the DVDs, you'll find:

  • Solaris Express — Preview future features of Sun's Solaris Operating System. Also inside: ZFS, DTrace, Containers, and hundreds of other unique features.
  • Live CDs — These bootable images allow you to check out community-built distributions of OpenSolaris, each with unique features:

    - Nexenta OS
    - BeleniX
    - SchilliX
  • Sun Studio compilers — Get advanced features for developing applications on Sun Solaris SPARC and x86/x64 platforms.
  • OpenSolaris source code.