Friday, April 21, 2006

Jawatan Kosong dalam Pasukan Kejuruteraan

Hmm, terkejut betul pagi tadi bila buka email. Mulanya ingat spam ke apa, bila aku trace email header & melakukan sedikit googling, nampaknya email ini boleh dipercayai. So, kepada kawan-kawan yang ada hati nak kerja di Google, silalah hubungi En. Michelle Lo nie :)

From: "Michelle Lo"
Subject: Eng Ops at Google
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 16:53:50 -0700
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Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
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Hello Mohd,

My name is Michelle Lo and I am a Recruiter for the Engineering
team. I found you on the internet and I am interested to know more about
your past work experience. We currently have positions available at Google
that may be a good match for you. If you are open to exploring these
opportunities further please send an updated version of your resume in word,
html, or pdf form to me as soon as possible.

I hope you are not bothered by my networking attempt. If you are not
interested or available, but would like to forward my name and contact
information to your friends or colleagues, I would be most delighted.

I have attached 2 job descriptions below to give you an idea of what type of
people we are looking for. Please note that in addition to these positions,
we also have several management/director level positions.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. If this is not a good time or if you are not interested, please reply
and let us know. We will update our database and you will not be contacted
again in the future.

Best Regards,
Michelle Lo
Google Staffing
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy., Bldg. 43
Mountain View, CA 94043

Software Engineer,

This position is available in Mountain View, CA and Dublin, Ireland.

Are you part ace coder, part adrenaline junkie? Do you have a knack for
seeing a problem and immediately discerning the likely solution? Maybe you
have been coding for years, are bored with the old
design-build-review-test-ship-repeat routine, and yearn for some
faster-paced challenges? Or perhaps you are a seasoned software engineer who
is also a genius at jockeying networks and administering UNIX clusters.

We are looking for top-notch, thrill-seeking Software Engineers to join the Engineering team. Engineers are in the thick of
everything involved with keeping Google running, from code-level
troubleshooting of service anomalies to safeguarding the availability of our
most popular services; from monitoring and response to building new
automation infrastructure to balancing the desire for change management with
the need for stability. All team members must have strong analytical and
troubleshooting skills, fluency in coding, good communication skills and
most of all enthusiasm for tackling the complex problems of scale which are
uniquely Google. We tackle challenging, novel situations every day, and work
with just about every other engineering and operations team at Google in the

In this role you will need:

* Expertise in coding, analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale
distributed systems.
* Experience in a high-volume or critical production service
* Strong understanding of IP networking, including the ability to
analyze network behavior, performance and application issues using standard
tools like tcpdump.


* 0-15 years experience.
* 3+ years developing web-based applications.
* Expertise in data structures, algorithms, and complexity analysis.
* Fluency in one or more of: C, C++, Java.
* Fluency in one of more of: Shell, PHP, Perl or Python.
* Ability to handle periodic on-call duty, as well as out-of-band
* Solid working knowledge of UNIX, preferably Linux.
* Tack-sharp analytical abilities.
* A strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive.
* Fluent written communication and unusual verbal agility are strong
* SQL experience a plus, MySQL a plus.
* Experience leading short projects involving outside teams is a plus.
* BA/BS in Computer Science, MS or PhD is preferred.


Unix System / Applications Administrator,

This position is available in Mountain View, CA and Dublin, Ireland.

Are you:

* ...a seasoned Unix jockey, database wizard, performance specialist,
networking guru, and code slinger all rolled into one?
* ...looking for the next cool problem to solve, in a fast-paced and
engineering-driven environment?
* ...into writing scripts which perform practically the entire job you
once held earlier in your career?
* ...entertained in your off hours by taking things apart just to see
how they work? Are you successful putting them back together when you're
* ...excited by the idea of making Google even faster, more reliable,
more available, more - well, Googly?

If you answered "Yes" to more than three of the above questions, you may be
our kind of System Admin! Keep reading. team members are involved in every facet of Google's production
site. From design issues to troubleshooting, from performance analysis to
capacity planning, from DNS to networking to application [mis]behavior, engineers are ultimately responsible for making sure that Google
always works. We take that responsibility very very seriously, but if you
think you've got what it takes then we're eager to talk with you.

Working in the team, you will wear many hats for Google's entire
production site: first responder, performance analyst, service architect,
system/database administrator, capacity planner, tools developer, monitoring
expert, and technical evangelist.

In this role you will need:

* Expertise in UNIX system administration, including configuration,
troubleshooting, and automation.
* Fluency in at least one scripting/coding language.
* Experience running high-traffic web services, including requirements
and capacity analysis, service configuration, monitoring and
troubleshooting, and change management.
* Strong understanding of IP networking, including familiarity with the
functionality, operating, and failure modes of common networking devices,
and the ability to analyze network behavior, performance and application
issues using standard tools like tcpdump.


* 3 - 5 years experience with UNIX systems administration (5-15 years
for Senior position).
* Solid scripting skills in Shell, PHP, Perl or Python.
* Proven technical troubleshooting and performance tuning experience.
* Experience in a high-volume or critical production service
* Ability to handle periodic on-call duty as well as out-of-band
* Tack-sharp analytical abilities.
* A strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive.
* Fluent written communication and unusual verbal agility are strong
* SQL experience a plus, MySQL a plus.
* Experience leading short projects involving outside teams is a plus.
* BA/BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Celcom 3G Starter Pack

Sejak dari 16/08/2005, benda nie ada dalam handphone aku. Untuk mengoptimasikan ruang, aku terpaksa buang mesej nie.

Celcom 3G Starter Pack:

Hmm, bilalah nak pakai handphone & servis 3G nie.....

Friday, April 07, 2006

Sophos Anti Virus 5.0 on RHEL 4

Pheww, dah lama tak menulis... Semalam dengan jayanya menginstall Sophos Anti Virus (SAV) 5.0 di mesin RHEL 4 nie. Sepatutnya dah lama aku install tapi hanya semalam baru berminat, antara faktor utama aku install:
  • Kebolehan on-access scanning atau kekadang dikenali sebagai real-time scanning
  • Web-based GUI untuk configuration

Well, sayang sekali coz RHEL 4 tak disokong untuk melakukan on-access scanning secara default. Ini disebabkan oleh modul Talpa yang mungkin perlu dikompil semula coz aku tak guna OS yang disokong.

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux, version 5.0: using a custom built or unsupported kernel

Web-based GUI pula cuma untuk edit configuration & baca log sahaja, nothing else.

[Tengok Status]
[root@kuli ~]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/sav-protect status
Sophos Anti-Virus daemon is active
[root@kuli ~]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/sav-web status
Sophos Anti-Virus GUI daemon is active
[root@kuli ~]# /sophos-av/bin/savdstatus
Sophos Anti-Virus is active but on-access scanning is not running

[Maklumat Versi]
[root@kuli ~]# savscan -v | head -n 15

SAVScan virus detection utility
Copyright (c) 1989-2006 Sophos Plc,

System time 04:47:18 PM, System date 07 April 2006

Product version : 4.03.0
Engine version : 2.32.14
Virus data version : 4.04
User interface version : 2.07.129
Platform : Linux/Intel
Released : 03 April 2006
Total viruses (with IDEs) : 120543

Information on additional data files:

[Update dari Sophos Repository]
[root@kuli ~]# /sophos-av/bin/savupdate
268 bytes downloaded in 4.504912 secs (59.490616 B/s)
3590 bytes downloaded in 6.078632 secs (590.593422 B/s)
4404 bytes downloaded in 2.045518 secs (2.102539 KiB/s)
3277 bytes downloaded in 1.945716 secs (1.644739 KiB/s)
/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/sav-linux/cidsync.upd is up to date
/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/doc/cidsync.upd is up to date
/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/root.upd is up to date
/sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/talpa/cidsync.upd is up to date
Failed to download
Failed to download
Verify: /sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/savi/manifest.dat in 0.382833 seconds
Verify: /sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/sav-linux/manifest.dat in 2.576548 seconds
Verify: /sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/doc/manifest.dat in 0.099384 seconds
Verify: /sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/root_manifest.dat in 0.019430 seconds
Verify: /sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/talpa/manifest.dat in 0.082056 seconds
Verify: /sophos-av/update/cache/LOCAL/PACKAGE/root_manifest.dat in 0.020237 seconds
Updating Sophos Anti-Virus....
Updating SAVScan on-demand scanner
Updating Virus Engine and Data
Updating Manifest
Update completed.

Successfully updated Sophos Anti-Virus

[root@kuli ~]# savscan -f -sc -all -archive /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/
SAVScan virus detection utility
Version 4.03.0 [Linux/Intel]
Virus data version 4.04, April 2006
Includes detection for 120543 viruses, trojans and worms
Copyright (c) 1989-2006 Sophos Plc,

System time 05:06:25 PM, System date 07 April 2006
Command line qualifiers are: -f -sc -all -archive

IDE directory is: /sophos-av/lib/sav

Using IDE file corpse-a.ide
Using IDE file bagledbp.ide
Using IDE file tileb-ea.ide
Using IDE file rbot-cwu.ide
Using IDE file spybo-is.ide
Using IDE file tileb-ee.ide
Using IDE file bancb-oh.ide
Using IDE file sdbo-bhp.ide
Using IDE file xrove-a.ide
Using IDE file sdbt-alz.ide
Using IDE file flood-gy.ide
Using IDE file rbot-ctj.ide
Using IDE file banco-yk.ide
Using IDE file tileb-dx.ide
Using IDE file tileb-eh.ide
Using IDE file hilder-a.ide
Using IDE file dwnl-akr.ide
Using IDE file dload-nb.ide
Using IDE file drsmar-r.ide
Using IDE file mytob-ha.ide
Using IDE file swizz-aw.ide
Using IDE file dermon-i.ide
Using IDE file rbot-czh.ide
Using IDE file nafbot-a.ide
Using IDE file rontok-a.ide
Using IDE file goldsuna.ide
Using IDE file orse-r.ide
Using IDE file drsmar-x.ide
Using IDE file loosk-by.ide
Using IDE file bankas-p.ide
Using IDE file rkdepo-a.ide
Using IDE file tileb-dw.ide
Using IDE file wlook-a.ide
Using IDE file vb-api.ide
Using IDE file lasher-a.ide
Using IDE file drsmar-s.ide
Using IDE file bront-ae.ide
Using IDE file hearse-a.ide
Using IDE file sality-i.ide
Using IDE file zlob-gh.ide
Using IDE file singu-ak.ide
Using IDE file zapch-at.ide
Using IDE file banlo-vi.ide
Using IDE file uskaf-a.ide
Using IDE file ircbo-gw.ide
Using IDE file agen-atm.ide
Using IDE file multi-fg.ide
Using IDE file bankdlan.ide
Using IDE file bdoor-xd.ide
Using IDE file torpi-ao.ide
Using IDE file bronto-z.ide
Using IDE file ircbo-fp.ide
Using IDE file bankd-ap.ide
Using IDE file clagge-k.ide
Using IDE file feebszip.ide
Using IDE file pur-av.ide
Using IDE file agen-atc.ide
Using IDE file sdbo-bay.ide
Using IDE file rbot-csc.ide
Using IDE file pccli-ij.ide
Using IDE file feebs-n.ide
Using IDE file sdbotbei.ide
Using IDE file dload-sx.ide
Using IDE file servu-ce.ide
Using IDE file ircbo-gx.ide
Using IDE file puper-ey.ide
Using IDE file alcra-f.ide
Using IDE file rbot-czt.ide
Using IDE file bancb-oj.ide
Using IDE file dnsbus-l.ide
Using IDE file ibank-e.ide
Using IDE file zapch-as.ide
Using IDE file clagge-m.ide
Using IDE file jubik-a.ide
Using IDE file loosk-ca.ide
Using IDE file dumar-bz.ide
Using IDE file feebs-p.ide
Using IDE file banco-rs.ide
Using IDE file pws-ki.ide
Using IDE file steam-f.ide
Using IDE file smallbek.ide
Using IDE file haxdo-bh.ide
Using IDE file feebs-q.ide
Using IDE file haxdo-bc.ide
Using IDE file sdbo-bba.ide
Using IDE file cell-b.ide
Using IDE file clagge-l.ide
Using IDE file kassbo-m.ide
Using IDE file rbot-bwt.ide
Using IDE file agobo-ta.ide
Using IDE file sickbt-d.ide
Using IDE file delf-bpc.ide
Using IDE file tileb-ej.ide
Using IDE file torpi-ap.ide

Full Scanning

>>> Virus 'W32/Brontok-Z' found in file /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/
>>> Virus 'W32/Brontok-Z' found in file /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/
>>> Virus 'W32/Brontok-Z' found in file /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/
>>> Virus 'W32/Brontok-Z' found in file /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/
>>> Virus 'W32/Brontok-Z' found in file /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/
>>> Virus 'W32/Brontok-Z' found in file /mnt/usb-storage1/sampah/

11 files scanned in 3 seconds.
6 viruses were discovered.
5 files out of 11 were infected.
Please send infected samples to Sophos for analysis.
For advice consult, email
or telephone +44 1235 559933
End of Scan.